computer case closed!

My boyfriend and I have a ferret.

We were going to look at things online and we heard this light squeaky snore. I just thought it was the huge tower for his computer but it wasn’t on.

I was really confused, then we noticed Conan was not in sight! We looked and realised the case was open and so we took a look and there he was, sleeping by the fan!

It was cute but scary at the same time…lol..


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May 26, 2009 Computer case worry
by: Gareth

Imagine if you hadn’t found your ferret – whirrr whirrr – kerplunk!

No, seriously! Thank you for showing us where the little guys can end up in. It’s something all ferret owners should be aware of – computer cases, wash baskets, flues – they’re into everything so please, please, please – be responsible owners and check before turning anything on!

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