Couches, chairs, and boxsprings

by Nancy
(Upstate New York)

All 3 of my ferrets had a fascination with digging at the underside of furniture and mattresses / boxsprings, which are usually covered with a somewhat thin cloth-like backing.

My Bandit one day managed to work a samll hole underneath a wing chair around the leg where it wasn’t stapled tightly and got inside.

Unfortunately the hole was so small she couldn’t find her way back out and to get her released I had to rip off the entire bottom of the chair.

To solve this problem I purchased a cheap vinyl flooring remnant roll, cut it to fit the undersides of my sofa, chairs and ottoman, and stapled it on. Problem solved!


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Jun 29, 2010 Fuzzies in the furniture
by: Bobbi 

We tried something similar but they found a way to get in through the top of the chairs & couch. We now have two twin beds on wooden platforms that have drawers. Not exactly a formal living room lol but it’s comfy & we’re no longer digging ferrets out of the furniture!

Jun 29, 2010 couches,chairs,& Boxsprings
by: JC 

That’s a clever idea !!! I think I’m going to try that on my beds as well… Thanks…

All 4 of mine like to dig in the sofa & chairs. I try to keep them out of the bedroom, but just in case they do slip in. My BoBo has a special place in the back of our couch where he goes to sleep. No harm done there. It is a couch that has two recliners on the each end, which we do not use at all, so he’s safe there.

But the beds – No !!! I’m trying this. Thanks!

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