Couldn’t find Edgar

by Ashe
(Alexandria, Virginia)

I get this call while I’m at work … all our anxiety isn’t very good when we have a free-range ferret.

He’s disappeared many times before but every time I would tell my boyfriend he’s alright, he’s sleeping. Over a hundred times at least!

Anyways, I get this call — they can’t find Edgar! I get home an hour & a half later, walk in the door, no one’s home (they’re looking outside as he can get out the screen door).

The house is a disaster! Couch tipped over, everything thrown all over the place — anywhere & everywhere he could have been, he wasn’t …
I freaked out – started crying, we both did …
looking in the woods, weeds, tons of bushes outside our house. My worst nightmare..!!

I’m crying my eyes out, my boyfriend comes in from the 90+ degree weather (:C ferrets get heatstroke easy).

Then my boyfriend comes running out saying, “Baby come here!…go to the couch” & INSIDE the couch.. INSIDE.. SOMEHOW there is a lump!

…. I was so happy!! ….

Anyways, ferrets find their way inside of things. Curious little babies

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Jul 29, 2009 scary ordeal!
by: Anonymous

I made the mistake of taking my ferret to the barn with me one night and put him in a stall while I cleaned. He dug around in the sawdust and romped around. Well about 3 days later he got out of the house and I could not find him, I put on my boots and headed out to look under the trailer etc..he always comes when I call but I could not see him. I had the dogs looking and he was just gone.

I also have a chicken house and figured he would have smelled them and headed there but no he was not there. So I go back inside and get a flash light hoping he was under the trailer, as I come out the door there he comes bouncing his way across the yard. He had been in the barn as i could see sawdust in his hair. I’m always worried that an owl will scoop him up..

He acted like he just came back from a field trip or something and ready to snack!

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