Crafty Ferrets

by Brittany

I have two ferrets and they are very mischievous little ones. I like to make art in my free time, and I have a lot of art mediums. Well, I thought that my utensils were safe in a box on a shelf. Well I thought wrong. When I was cleaning up I found some ferret droppings, and they were bright blue. I then noticed that the box was knocked down, and a blue pastel was half eaten on the ground next to it.

I just want everyone to remember how determined ferrets are, and You must make sure all potentially hazardous materials are kept if possible, in a separate room then your beloved fuzzies. The pastel was digested by my ferrets, but that could’ve caused serious intestinal blockage, and who knows what else. I definitely underestimated my ferrets determination, but I’m very lucky to still have two healthy, and alive ferrets.

Just please remember to be cautious and smart when choosing where you keep all of your materials that are hazardous to the life of your ferrets.


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Dec 09, 2007 So true
by: Lisa

But I’ve found my new ferret is doing all sorts of things which I’ve never had ferrets do before like he gets on the chair which is pretty high and then on my table to take stuff off. I keep moving stuff to higher ground but he always figures a way to get up.

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