Crazy Ferret

by AA

Well, I got a ferret and he was everything I expected.

One little downfall though – he was kind of a maniac! He picked on the cat, the dog, and my little sister but luckily none of them minded.

He would just be sitting there in his cage one second then the next I would find him upside down or throwing his food around.

But so far he’s the best pet I’ve ever had 🙂

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Oct 25, 2012 Crazy ferrets
by: Mike

Only one? We currently have 8, all shelter rescues. We’ve had 11 total over the past 5yrs and 3 passed away earlier this year, 1 from lymphoma, 2 from old age. We’ve had really sweet ones and ankle biters. Bruce, one of the ones who passed away this year, bit me twice drawing blood while we were adopting him. He became a really sweet weasel and took 2nd place in “Best Companion” at a local ferret show last year. As a matter of fact, we took 1st & 2nd, both ferrets were practically given to us by the NHSPCA for behavioral issues. We’re known as “The crazy ferret people” there. The judge at the show always compliments us on how good our older ferrets are physically. This year one of our new ones took 3rd in “Best Companion”. They all have distinct personalities.

Jul 29, 2009 Hey crazy ferret!
by: Barretts ferret

LOL, yeah mine sometimes does that too. He loves to chase the little dog and pounce on him! The dog hates it but knows he has to be nice so he just goes around and around the couch til ferret gets tired. During the day when I’m out in the barn he has run of the kitchen/living room area. I keep a ferret fence across the hall so he can’t go there. But at night he stays where I am at. If I do not let him out of a morning he has an awful fit! But I have to keep him trained enough so if he does have to stay in his cage for a particular reason, he will.
Yes he is the best house pet I’ve ever had and I’ve had him for 3 years or more. He’s like having a kitten around!

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