Crazy little furballs…..

by Amanda

One of my friends had two ferrets that I got to meet, and I loved them from the start. I tried and tried to convince my parents, and eventually they said yes, but only after I had done a few weeks worth of resarch.

We went to the pet store and purchased our first ferret “Fizgig” and we had also bought a cage, food, hammock, a water bottle, a food dish, nail trimmers, treats, a few toys, some ferret vitamin “Ferretone” and some bedding (which wouldn’t recommend it is way to easily digested by your ferret which may cause serious problems.) and all togther it cost us around $430 so, no they are not cheap (and that was just the first day).

We still hae to buy food, litter, (we bought a litter box and scoop too). Be aware that you need to use odorless litter. Now, yes they can be costly, but they are most definitely worth it.

Sometimes you get scared half to death because they almost get stepped on or dropped, so you need to be extra careful. And unfortunatly, we learned the hard way that recliners cannot be in the house.

Our 2nd ferret, Loki, passed after being accidentally crushed underneath one. It was very painful to deal with the loss, and it still is today.

Now, we have four little fuzzballs that run around our home (Fizgig, Rerun, Jasper, and Blotch). They can be a handful at times, but they are amazing. I cannot see myself not having my ferrets around.

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Jan 24, 2010 Crazy little furballs
by: JC

You’re right !!!! They are not cheap, then I can’t think of any pet that is. They’re like real kids that need the same care as you would give any family member. But with proper care & lots of love & time they are well worth the cost & time.

I have 5 & even tho’ the vet bills are high at times, I could not think of being without my kids in my life.

What is about these small animals that makes one’s heart skip a beat when you see them. Those cute little faces that look up to you every day & their need to play with you. I love them.

Thanks so much for sharing your story & your kids with all of us.

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