Dangers of rubber bits on pens

by Clive


My ferrets are allowed to roam around the house and I thought I had my place pretty well ferretproofed.

Today I came home from work and found that the little buggers got up onto my desk (how? dunno!) and knocked over my pens. Not only that, but then one of them decided to make a meal of the rubber on one of my pens. You can see what I mean from the photo.

Thank god there were 2 matching bits of rubber left on the desk otherwise I think I’d be watching the litter tray to see if (a) there were any blue bits coming out, or worse (b) looking out for skinny poop, which would mean a trip to the xray machine.

Lesson to learn … I am now going to check and put all pens with rubber anywhere in shut drawers.

Hope my two wont figure out how to open drawers next.


Comments for Dangers of rubber bits on pens

Jan 17, 2008 Rubber Fetish
by: Brenda

My ferrett has a total rubber fetish. It does not matter what it is, if it is made of rubber, it has to be locked up or it becomes consumed. Bouncy – balls become multi-colored deposits!

Sep 19, 2007 You really have to watch this stuff!
by: Melissa

I had a ferret which kept on pinching my walkman earplugs. The foamy bits on the ends.

One day she got very sick from eating one of them but luckilly she didn’t die.

My vet told me I was so lucky and to pay more attention.

If anyone’s reading this, please be careful!


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