Deadly closet doors

by Jevon Campisi
(Las Cruces New Mexico)


Emo is the far right ferret, RIP

My little buddy Emo the ferret passed away today. He was only 1 years 7 months old. He left behind his older brother and sister ferrets who were very fond of him. This is still breaking my heart and I haven’t quite accepted that this happened.

I’m a seasoned ferret owned for now 11 plus years, and I love them. I’m a returned college student trying to make it in a different career path, and living an apartment near my college.

I picked this apartment for 3 reasons. Location to college, accepted pets, and super ferret proofed! The cabinets all close inside (no lip hanging out for paws to grab open) the baseboards were all sealed, every corner was closed off.

I did have some trouble with my little girl who likes to find places she can escape everyone, getting into the oven, but we sorted it out – once I unscrewed the top and could grab her each time she tried to nest in the insulation.

Emo was the newest addition to the family, brought in by my girlfriend and then adopted by me. He lived in this apartment accident proof for 1 full year. So all the careful ferret proofing paid off. I’m very paranoid with my ferrets but I did allow them to run around the apartment mostly. I recently got a job working as security for a boxing event, and after the job was done came home more tired then normal, due to a late working time of 1 am. I usually make sure to see all my ferrets before going to sleep.

To make this long story short I feel asleep without seeing my ferrets and when I woke up at 10 am, I went out seeking my buddies and figured they were hiding in my closet where they usually snuck into, even though I tried to keep them out of there. One of the heavy glass sliding closet doors had been broken when I first moved in and sat against the other door in a sorta v shape from the side. This allowed the ferrets to sneak in all though I didn’t want them in.

This morning I found Emo stuck in between the v shape made by the closet doors. I quickly picked him up thinking he was temporarily stuck, and found him cold to my touch. Screaming “No no no!” over and over woke my gf up as I easily removed him only to see he had the v shaped mark in the middle of his body. His tail was fluffed out as if he was scared and he was dead.

If I had woken up earlier I might have caught this, or if I had made sure to check on them before sleep I could have gotten him out of the closet before he got stuck coming out himself.

I thought I had done everything possible to make this a safe place for them, and I’m devastated that I failed him, and slept through any possible detection of his trouble. He was in the room next to where I was sleeping. I had no idea that this was a danger, as they traversed this obstacle many times.

I feel so guilty for the change in my very steady routine that helped this one time freak thing allow itself to destroy the best buddy a guy could ask for.

I don’t really know what else to say. I hope that this never happens to anyone else, and thank you for at least reading this, I miss him so much, and the other ferrets didn’t even recognize him when he was in front of them dead, they passed him and searched everywhere else for the real (living) him. I never knew that this could be so dangerous and am beating myself up for not having thought about it sooner.

Emo is the ferret on the right in the picture and will always be in my heart.

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Jun 07, 2011 My Sympathys to you
by: Jmclovin

Im Soooo sorry for your loss! It was an accident and I’m sure your little guy knew how much you loved him.

I just experienced a loss as well…My sweet Fizzgig passed away last week. I did the same thing as you; I made sure my place was ferret proofed and thought he was safe. I had him out of the cage playing, he was on the stairs, he wanted a treat so I gave him one. He was only out for like 10 minutes playing when my other fuzzy jumped the gate into the living room and got into my paint. I ran to grab her and heard a awful noise.

I came running to see my baby boy on the hard tile floor, my dog in the stairs and my baby was making a awful raspy breahting noise…..I think my dog nipped him and he fell off the stairs…he didn’t move.

I scooped him into my arms and ran to get my husband….he was limp not moving and barely breathing….

I tried to call a bunch of vets to find one open to help us. He stopped breathing twice and my husband gently blew air at his nose and he started breathing again…then he had blood coming out his nose and mouth and he locked his eyes on mine while I screamed in tears…I petted his little head and said “hang on buddy” and tried to make more calls.

His little tail poofed out and he choked on his blood and died..I am devastated. He meant the whole world to me and I can’t stop crying, wishing I could have saved him, wishing I could make everything better for him.

I was trying to help by calling for medical help but I should have had him in my arms, telling him I love him in his final moments. I’m glad my husband had him in his arms at least…I hope he knew how much I love him! It is so hard and my other ferrets are depressed as am I.

I don’t know what to do without him here and I also keep beating myself up. I know accidents happen but it’s not fair and it hurts so much. I miss my sweet Fizzgig.

I am so sorry for your loss as well. I hope both our ferrets are happily dooking at the rainbow bridge. Remember the good times you had with him and he will always be with you! RIP little guys!

Jan 25, 2011 Awww
by: Nicola

Thats sooo sad, sorry for your loss… It’s so hard losing little loved guys. I haven’t got a ferret yet but reading a lot of these has made me more aware!

And I hope your other ferrets are still happy!

Aug 02, 2009 I’m so sorry
by: Anonymous

Oh I’m so sorry and know what your going thru, these things happen if only to make it better for the ones to come. I know that’s hard to accept and yes you will beat yourself up for a long time. The price was high for this lesson…BUT you have to let it go and chalk it up to experience. No matter how hard it is to do.

I feel your pain and feel so bad for you. You must let it go…in time it will heal but there will always be a scar and empty spot in your heart. I too share that guilt and have made the best of a bad situation.

Good luck with your schooling too.

If you ever need to talk, I will listen.
Ferret friend, Barrett

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