Decorating Disaster!!!

by Cara I Duff


I have 2 ferrets currently but I used to have loads! “Austin” (an old prize champion racing ferret) was running about one day when we were decorating the master bedroom.

I was moving the furniture and he got behind the bed. I moved the bed back against the wall and all I didn’t hear anything yet. “Bubble” and “Squeak” came running into the room looking panicked. I moved the bed slowly and carefully again and this time i heard a screech. We had to take the bed apart to get him out!

Also that day I opened a tub of paint and started painting the wall; one of the younger baby ferrets (“Cookie”) waddled into the room at this point. I put up the protective fence so she couldn’t climb over it. I hadn’t closed it up right and next thing I knew I couldnt find Cookie. I turned around and saw her in the paint pot! She was only a baby and could have drowned if no one noticed her!

Now I know and I tell other people to be extra cautious when doing anything!!!!

After that incident I had to do a head count and I couldn’t get them all together! I found five and bathed them; they all rubbed themselves on the painted walls so they needed a bath!

I found the other 3 later but always do a head count somehow!!

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Jan 25, 2012 Oh my!!
by: Anonymous

I had a great laugh reading about your decorating disaster but thank goodness you found Cookie before anything awful happened to her.

Your ferrets sound like they had a great time helping you with decorating the room – I could almost see them dipping their tails in the paint pot and then swishing them against the wall! LOL!!!

Loved the photo of your ferrets getting their bath – they look like they’re all enjoying themselves immensely, unlike my guys when I wash them!

Hugs to all your ferrets from their buddies down under 😀

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