Determined to escape

by Shelby

I recently got a 2 year old ferret named Chester and let me tell you, his goal is to make me mad.

I have a huge walk-in closet and I Chester-proofed it. Nothing was on the floor or anywhere close that he could get. The problem became the gate to keep him in there.

I tried everything — a baby gate worked well until he realized he could scale it! The plexiglass was next … he spend hours trying to find a way out. He even got smart and was using his toys in a pile as an extra boost to scale the top.

All in all he’s my best friend, but he really knows how to annoy me. 🙂


Comments for Determined to escape

Jan 24, 2015 Your best friend!
by: Anonymous I know what you mean about your ferret being your best friend but annoying you … some ferrets are so fixated with doing things that it seems nothing will stop them 🙂

I hope you still consider your buddy your best friend despite its annoying habits because once they get older, then they stop being annoying and all they want to do is curl up and cuddle with you!

Ferrets are like little toddlers when they’re young and can irritate their owners.

Be patient and love them despite their faults – I guess I always worry that people who get irritated by their ferrets might just dump them at a shelter. I hope you don’t do that to your little buddy 😀

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