Diarrhea in Ferrets


The following are some of the causes for diarrhea:

Ferrets with a severe case of diarrhea can get dehydrated very quickly.

Take it to the vet immediately but if that isn’t possible, get some electrolytes into it. Pedialyte, an electrolyte solution for babies, is okay to use as an interim measure until you get your ferret to the vet.

However whatever you do, do NOT give your furbaby Gatorade as it has a lot of sugar, and giving that would be seriously detrimental to your ferret’s health.


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You can download a pdf about “Diarrhea – Information for the Ferret Owner” HERE.


(Last updated November 2019)


DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this page is not meant to replace seeing a veterinarian if you think your ferret is ill. It’s only meant to supply general information on a particular illness which was obtained either from personal experience with my sick ferrets, or from books and/or the Internet.

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