Did you know there’s a hole in our washing machine?

by Tia

Well, my ferret Rowzi is the most hyper thing ever. When I have her in the living room I usually am sitting on the couch or recliner watching t.v., or on my laptop or phone and all I want is for her to lie down on my lap. That never happens, though, unless she was sleeping when I took her down there and never woke up.

Well, she always jumps off my lap and off the couch and RUNS. I usually get her before she jumps off the couch, though. But one time that I didn’t get her and she made it off the couch, she ran into our kitchen. I was looking for her, when I saw her run out from under the trash can to by the washing machine. She was nosing around it so I came to get her. Well, next thing I know she’s going up and all I see is half her body now.

I RAN and grabbed her. By the time I got there all that was left was her tail. So I pulled it. She hated it and screamed, but I didn’t know where the hole led to and it could’ve been her death. I remember screaming, “MOM!! HELP!! IT’S ROWZI!!” and I thought i was gonna lose her. I remember crying, she scared me so much.

So, PLEASE ferret proof your house and check the washing machine. Or, even better, DON’T LET EM IN THE KITCHEN!!


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Apr 09, 2013 Eek!
by: Anonymous

Tia, I can imagine how terrifying it must have been to see Rowzi disappearing into the washing machine!

So happy you grabbed her and that everything worked out well. You’re right – you really have to check and recheck all things so that a ferret can’t get into trouble!!

Hugs to Rowzi 🙂

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