by Angela
(Pa, USA)

I was loading my dishwasher the one day while my little guy was playing outside of his cage. I did the check of the inside before closing. That wasn’t enough. I didn’t realize that the gap below the door was big enough for their little heads to get in.

He was licking the water drippings, his head was stuck. I instantly opened the door again but he was still stuck. I was freaking out. Finaly got him loose and he lay there, limp. I thought he was dead.

He snapped out of it but was very sensitive. Vet said he thinks he lost oxygen for a brief time. BUT came to. I cried for hours. Please stress how dangerous dishwashers can be. Check under the door, and inside!

We have little blockers on all of our doors and only let our little ones in the main part of the house to avoid them getting in somewhere they shouldn’t. But they still find danger.

Doors are the biggest issue. They hide and you think you can slip in a door and close it without them coming with and boom – they are in the door as you try to close it.

We love our critters so much. Chase (1 1/2 yr old boy), Biscuit (little girl 6 mon old). So glad we got the second one. Gives our lil guy someone to play with and he doesn’t get bored as easy as he use to.


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Jun 19, 2010 Dishwasher
by: Anonymous

Oh I know how frightening it can be with ferrets and little holes. I am so glad to know that your furry friend survived after getting his head stuck.

I can imagine how upset you must have felt and I reckon your ferrets are lucky to have such careful owners!

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