Do Baby Ferrets Make Better Pets?

by Lee Dobbins

For anyone thinking of having a pet ferret, you must decide between adopting an adult or purchasing one of those adorable little baby ferrets that you can find in most pet stores. Before you get taken in by those cuddly little faces, remember that there are many adult ferrets in shelters that are in need of a good home. These ferrets will make great pets and you can probably get one that is quite young even from a shelter.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize what the commitment needed to care for a ferret which is why these wonderful animals end up in shelters and rescue home. Before you adopt a ferret – either adult or baby, make sure you understand and are ready to commit to what it takes to properly care for these lively and entertaining pets.

I think that adult ferrets can make just as good pets as baby ferrets and may even be a bit easier to care for in the beginning. No matter what their age, ferrets are very curious and will get into anything and everything. My pet ferret lived to be 7 ½ years old and was running around and getting into all kinds of mischief right up until the end. When they are babies, however, they do have a bit more energy and are even more inquisitive so they will require more supervision.

If you do adopt a baby ferret (called a kit), you will have the additional job of training it. An adult might already be trained, unless the previous owner didn’t take the time. You will need to train your ferret not to nip as well as to use the litter box. During training, you will have quite a few ferret accidents to deal with and these can be a bit messy.

In addition to the added job of training, baby ferrets will also cost much more than a ferret you adopt from a shelter. Also, although most ferrets are good natured, you can be assured that the demeanor of a ferret from a shelter is already known while a kit could grow up to be nippy or cantankerous and you have no way of knowing ahead of time.

Should you decide that you must have a baby ferret, there are many things that you will need to provide him including toys, entertainment and a safe environment. There are special toys for ferrets, but they also like cat and kitten toys so you can buy these for him too. Be sure to avoid anything made from flimsy rubber as they can eat this and will not digest it well. A cage is important when it comes to providing him a safe environment as your ferret needs to be safely secured when you are not there to watch him.

Whether you get a baby or not, the ferret makes an ideal pet for almost anyone. Be sure, however, before you adopt a ferret that you have the time and energy necessary to provide this lively pet with the care and attention he needs.

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Lee Dobbins, a former ferret owner, writes for Ferrets at Pet Breeds .com where you can learn more about what it takes to be a good ferret owner.

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