Do-It-Yourself Games For Your Ferret

By Matthew Humphries

Poke n’ Peanuts

Just as much as we love to open packages, your ferret too can share in the fun! Take a box you received in the mail that’s filled with “packing peanuts”. Be sure to remove any other packing or shipped materials. Toss in your fuzzy! It’s like your ferrets very own ball pit. One caveat however, this is to be a HIGHLY SUPERVISED activity. If your ferret bores from the swishing, falling, and jumping through their new play land, they may begin to chew on the peanuts. While a great game, these peanuts if ingested could cause a blockage in your ferret, so be sure to play this game with your ferret.

Dusting Mamas Floor

Take your willing fuzzy to a hardwood or vinyl floor setting. Lay them on their back while holding onto their body (hand between front and rear paws on belly). Give em a twirl or paddle them between your two outstretched hands. It’s an activity most ferrets will enjoy, but be sure that it’s right for yours. While this game can be tons of fun, if your ferret doesn’t care for it, try another game.

Pickn’ Up Laundry

Place a pair or two of pants, sweats, or even a hooded sweatshirt on the floor in your ferret room. Be sure openings are large enough throughout, so you don’t trap your ferret. Sit back and watch them explore!

Tunnel Racin

Best with more than one ferret, but equally fun if you have only one. Purchase a few feet of clear dryer venting tube from your local hardware store. Place them side by side, with or without curves (design is up to you). Place your fuzzies in and watch them fly through the new toy. May work best if you place a treat at the end of the tunnel as a reward for your guys.

Bag Lady Blues

Yet another use for the multitude of plastic bags we collect throughout the year. Be sure to remove the handles first for safety. Take a bag and taunt your furry guys with it to peak their interest, then allow it float gently to the ground. Watch as your fuzzies go into play mode. While this should provide ample entertainment for your ferrets, be sure to supervise this activity at all times.

Mamas Fantastic Voyage

Using a bath towel ( a throw rug or large pillow case will do), hold one end while allowing the other to drag behind you. Pretty soon you’ll have a furry caravan behind you. The more swishing or swooshing, the better!

Tub Fun

Using your bathtub, make sure its clean and dry, place your fuzzies inside. Many ferrets adore the smooth texture of a tub on their bellies. Add a couple of plastic bags or ping-pong balls and you’ve got yourself a real Bandit rodeo!

Ancient Treasures

Take any square container or even kitty litter box which is not in use. Fill it half-way with some potting soil. Add a ferret or two, or three and watch the digging frenzy commence. Hide favorite toys in the mix to add to the adventure.

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