Dryer hoses

by Jared
(Tampa, FL, USA)

So basically … well, I’ll give the back story first.

I got this ferret from a friend of my girlfriend’s mom where she works. They had found it left out in the sun by its previous owner pretty much to die (they are very lucky I don’t know where they live now because what they did – that’s evil).

Anyway, we didn’t have a ferret cage. The friend said we could have the one she had but it’s very big so she said they’d bring it by later.

We brought her to our bedroom to sleep so that the cats wouldn’t harm her, although they seem much more afraid of her than she is of them (oh – her name is Josie! She’s white with bluish eyes).

Our bedroom is what should be the laundry room and there’s a hole in the floor where a dryer hose would be plugged in to shoot the lint out under the apartments. She got out sometime in the night. After we couldn’t find her in the morning I found that hole when I picked up the bed and got really worried that I had lost her forever.

I went under the house for ten minutes, searched around and saw that the other gate had been pushed open, maybe by her, maybe by the cats but I ended up climbing a tree in the woods just outside the apartments and, by the grace of God, saw her wandering around aimlessly.

She didn’t go out too far thankfully and I’ve since covered up the hole. I really want to train her to be free because I think a cage is just no fun, plus she’s too cute to be locked up.


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Jun 26, 2008 Doing Great!!!!!!!!

by: Wisco Ferret Slave

Sounds like you have things under really good control. Scruffing while saying no if perfect! And showing her which toy she can have is an awesome idea, great advice for any new ferret lovers out there…showing them the positive instead of focusing on the negative works better than you would ever imagine. Wish you and you fuzzies all the best!!!

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