Dumpster Diving.

by Mrs. Pignanelli
(West Virginia)

When my husband bought Kit-kat for my birthday I was the happiest girl in the world. I never thought she would bring me such joy, and stress.

She is a hassle when it comes to keeping her out of the trash cans. Naturally, we began to set them out of her ferret reach,but she still managed to get into them. So, nearly every morning for two to three months we would wake to trash strung all across our bedroom floor. Fearing for Kit-kat’s health,and my clean house, we bought trash cans with lock lids.

I was always so worried that she had eaten something to make her ill. I was lucky enough that she never did. These new trash cans are the best! 🙂


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Aug 05, 2010 Kit-kat
by: Anonymous

You guys sound like great ferret owners and I think its great that you care so much about Kit Kat that you buy new, you beaut rubbish bins for her lol!

As we Aussies say, onya, and I reckon Kit Kat’s a very lucky girl to have you to look after her 🙂

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