by Adalia
(Kentucky, USA)

When I was twelve, my mother and stepfather bought an albino ferret who was still very young (I don’t remember how old, but if I cupped both hands together she could curl up on top of them, so she was pretty small). My mother and stepfather divorced not very long after that, so I technically don’t know for sure what happened to her, but since my former stepfather got back into drinking and drugs and is half-dead himself from what I hear, I doubt Dustbunnie is still alive.

I know he didn’t take good care of her once he moved away from us because I did see her once after the initial separation and she had turned from the sweetest, most lovable and playful ferret you can imagine into a vicious, biting ferret, just in a couple of weeks and probably as a result of being constantly caged up by herself, without even a second ferret to play with. There was a second ferret in the house, belonging to my former stepdad’s sister, but although the cages were right next to each other they were kept separate and never allowed out.

I hope at least that if Dustbunnie is gone, it wasn’t painful. I’m living with my mom again now and we have two ferrets, Wookie and Jinxie, given to us by a friend of my mom’s. My mom’s friend has another friend who works in a pet store, and whenever they have a ferret who cannot be sold due to something fixable, she can’t stand to see them put down and she brings them to my mom’s friend. He trained Wookie out of biting (which was why he couldn’t be sold) and Jinxie was actually bought and the little girl who owned him abused him; I don’t know how he ended up back at the shop, if he was returned or what, but I hate that parents will buy a child a ferret way too young and not even bother to research the pet to make sure the child is capable of caring for it!

Just the other night my mom tried to pull Jinx out from under their cage to put them back inside after playtime, and Jinxie panicked and tried to bite her so she dropped him (not far, she was sitting on the floor when she picked him up) and he ran and cowered under a shelf in the corner until she coaxed him out and cuddled him for a bit to make him feel better.

Wookie and Jinxie are both okay now, but I hope wherever Dustbunnie might be she is okay too, and I hope these two will be around for a long time to come.

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May 28, 2010 Response
by: Anonymous

JC: I can’t call my former stepfather about her, and I wouldn’t if I could. There were many more things wrong about him than just his shoddy treatment of animals, things that should have landed him in jail. My hope is that one of his family members took over care of her, which isn’t unbelievable, and that if she is indeed no longer among the living, at least her life wasn’t miserable.

Thanks for your encouragement. 🙂 I’ve always loved ferrets, ever since I knew what they were, and I try to do the best I can for the ones my mom now owns.

May 26, 2010 Dustbunnie
by: JC

I’m sure wherever Dustbunnie is, The love he/she felt from you well carry over. The two of you will meet again when the time is right. I’m so sorry Dustbunnie couldn’t live with you. Have you tried to call your stepdad and ask about Dustbunnie ??

You have two very sweet angels at the persent time that need you & will love you. Hold on to them & show them the Love & understanding they have for you. You’re a very good ferret parent.

May 26, 2010 Dustbunnie
by: Anonymous

What a sad and tearful story. Not knowing is always the hardest. It’s awful that sometimes life throws circumstances at us that we can do nothing about, especially children when they have to move away. Leaving a beloved pet behind can be a very traumatic experience and leaves that empty, tense feeling that can last for years.

I find it best to remember the good times you had with Dustbunnie, things that make you smile. It’s all you can do. Pour all your love into your new ferrets and remember the good memories.

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