Electric Fireplaces

by Julia V
(Olympia WA)

My ferret, Billy, had just been with us for about a month when he managed to get behind our electric fireplace which, thank god, wasn’t working at the time.

He squeezed through a one inch gap and got behind it. Fortunately we noticed right away and were able to lure him out with raisins before he got into any real trouble. Still, he could have easily fallen into the crawl space from there.

This had to be on Thanksgiving, of all days, when we had company who got to witness me with fishing around in a fireplace for a ferret.


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Jan 24, 2010 Electric Fireplaces
by: JC

Your little Billy is sure one lucky guy. So glad all turned out ok & he was safe. He sure has a good Ferret Mom & Dad to be thankful for.

Thanks for pointing out this danger. I know mine find things to get into all the time. They have even found ways of lifting up the gates to the rooms they are not allowed to play in.

You do have to watch them all the time.

Jan 22, 2010 Thankskgiving Blessing
by: Tim

Thanksgiving was truly a day to be thankful. I am so glad you found your friend. Ferrets have to be followed around and watched all the time. I just do not trust my house even after I ferret proof it. If there is a way, these little critters will find a way.

Thank you for sharing and reminding us all the dangers that lurk in the house. Ferrets are like little kids, you just have to be a helicopter parent.


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