Ensuring that your ferret cannot open his cage

by Denise
(Australia nsw)

Slinky is my first ferret (he is albino), his cage is a large bird’s cage that has had levels added. He is only a
small ferret and the cage doors were quite heavy. To open them you needed to slide them up, he had never tried to open them before so we thought he couldn’t.

Anyway one afternoon I decided to open my bedroom door which led outside, to try and cool the room down while Slinky was sleeping in his closed cage. (This was just before dinner). When I returned to close the door it was already dark outside and I realised that Slinky was gone.

I raced outside and was already crying over my stupid actions. We live just out of town and I thought he would already be gone in the paddocks. However I still ran around the house calling his name. It was pitch black out there and I knew that he might not even respond as I had only had him for a week. However despite this he came running at me out of the dark.

He was just as scared as I was and it was the first time he really gave me a cuddle. Now I know to tie his cage doors closed if he ever has to be in his cage and I don’t use my bedroom door any more as I don’t want to risk losing him again.


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Jan 02, 2014 :O

by: Anonymous I may be getting a ferrets soon, so I will keep this story in mind for when I get mine!

Oct 28, 2013 aww
by: Anonymous

while I was reading this I was scared because I had felt the same way as you but with two!

I just got them to so let’s take care of them too.

Oct 26, 2013 SO glad you found Slinky!
by: Anonymous

Ferrets are real Houdinis, aren’t they 🙂

I’m really glad you found Slinky! Phew!

*IF* he should ever get out again — and we all hope he doesn’t — then grab a squeaky toy and squeak for him. Most (but not all) ferrets respond to the noise so if he’s busy sniffing around the place and ignores your call, then hopefully the squeak will alert him to the fact that you’re looking for him 😀

I love albino ferrets! I’ve had a total of 4 during my time as a ferret slave over the years and 3 of them have been the most wonderfully smoochy little babies ever, both the boy and the girls!

My present one, however, has broken the mould! She’s a very naughty nipper! She’ll give me kisses on my face, thank goodness, but my inner elbows and feet are fair game :3

She knows she shouldn’t nip but it’s like the temptation is too great and she just has to go for it!! LOL!

Hugs to Slinky and tell him he’s a really good boy for coming straight to you when you called him 😉

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