Fans are VERY dangerous!

by Emily

It seemed that my bedroom was completely ferret-proofed. The rest of our house has a few unfixed hidey-holes and hazardous spots, so our favorite thing to do was to lock up our ferret, Steve, in the bedroom and let him play – we were sure he was incapable of getting in trouble. Most cords were untouchable, and there were no tiny spaces to crawl into.

One day, during his usual playtime, a very scary thud sounded upstairs. I was in the living room, so, of course, I ran up to the bedroom to see what was going on.

Steve had taken a liking to climbing up our fan (it’s a classic, square fan that sits on the floor with a plastic grate for the front and back) in order to get to the top of the desk it sits next to. We constantly have the fan on because of the poor ventilation/air conditioning in the room.

In fact, he’d managed to somehow undo the screws on either side of the fan’s backing, which meant that Steve had undone the back of the fan and left the very sharp, very scary fan blades completely exposed! In fact, while trying to catch him in order to hole him up in his house so I could fix the fan, he attempted to climb up it again to evade me – lucky for me that I caught him before he could tear the backing completely off and get shredded.

Needless to say, we got proper air conditioning in the room, and the fan is only on when he’s safely tucked away in his cage.

PLEASE be cautious pertaining to your ferret and fans – a cut-up ferret isn’t a happy ferret.


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Apr 17, 2012 Steve is one very lucky ferret 🙂
by: Anonymous

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly clever ferrets are when I read stories like this! How did Steve work out how to undo the screws … what a smart little guy but yes, how very scary if he’d got into the unprotected fan!

Very glad that this story had a happy ending 🙂 They say cats have 9 lives … I wonder how many lives ferrets have – LOL!!!

Hey – maybe you should invest in a Dyson fan … they are the ones with no blades! I’m thinking of getting one for our house, even though we do have air con 😉

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