Feeding problem

I recently got a 3yr. old ferret, named Fergie, who was poorly cared for. He was kept in a small rabbit hutch and fed a mix of cat and dog food.

Unfortunately, I can’t get him to eat ferret food. I tried grinding up cat food and puting it on his ferret food but he wouldn’t eat it. After that I tried adding a little cat food to his ferret food but he just dug out the cat food and left the ferret food.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ~Brenda

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Oct 25, 2010 Dook Dook!
by: Boo’s Mum

; ) Was just reading your comment and noticed your name. So funny as we all use the ‘dook dook’ noise when we feel playful, in honour of our own little carpet shark, Boo! We’ve had her for 3 yrs now and even my hubby (who was MORTIFIED when I brought her home) loves her to death!

Jun 27, 2010 feeding
by: dookdook

I have a shelter in Tas, Australia and have had to deal with this a few times myself.

Slowly mixing the food is a great idea. Vet check is imperative!!

With my problem ferts I often revert to a home brew mush of dry biscuits (kibble) crushed up and wetted (use mostly what they were eating and a bit of what you want them to eat to start and then swap over a period of time) and finely minced meat -chicken or beef mainly with some rabbit/roo added. When warmed up this usually is taken fairly happily.

A small amount of lactose free milk or preferably goat milk can do wonders too.

I can be got at


if you would like to chat further.

Jun 10, 2010 Hand feeding
by: Anonymous

You need to add the ferret food in slowly. You don’t want to make the ferret sick. Give him a high quality kitten food with at least 30% protein. The higher the protein percentage, the better. Slowly decrease the amount of kitten food and add more ferret food over a week time. I would grind up the food and add some hot water to it and 1/4 tsp ferretone. Put it in a feeding syringe and hand feed it to your ferret. You want to feed it to him slowly don’t force it down. You may need to scruff him while you feed.

Once he gets use to it then slowly work your way back to solid food. You can also leave solid food in the cage, he might start eating it on his own. But I would hand feed until you are sure he is eating on his own.

A vet visit would also be good. Sometimes when other problems are going on in the body the ferret will stop eating.

Also make sure you brush his teeth while feeding wet food or he could end up with dental problems. Use a ferret safe tooth paste and a q-tip and gently brush the teeth with the q-tip.

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