fenelope my ferret

by nady
(manchester ct united states)

My pet is wonderful although she is a huge terror and gives me heart attacks every day!

I love her – she is a real pooper but it’s ok. I live alone in an apartment so I’m open to ferrets. They’re just a wonderful pet to keep me company.

I also just finished ferret proofing my house too. My ferret even has its own room! I just got finished decorating it.

I got her at this wonderful store – there are a bunch of ferrets there so if you want one, just go to Manchester Mall and get one.

But trust me, although some people might think they’re like buying candy, to me it’s a whole lot of cash to spend but to others it’s a whole lot of cash to waste but like I said, I love my ferret dearly and i hope you love yours.

Ferrets are a huge responsibility. I remember my first couple of days with fenelope – it was crazy! Books were everywhere 🙂

If you don’t have a ferret and you’re ready for one, I hope you get him or her.

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Oct 09, 2009 fenelope
by: Anonymous

It’s great to hear that you love your ferret. I love reading the stories about people with their ferrets and look forward to when I can move out of my parents’ house and get my own ferret. I will love it lots too, like you do.

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