Our second ferret was a female and we definitely knew that she had more ambition than our mild mannered older albino male ferret.

At the time we had baby ducks 13? and we had moved them into the house because some of the adult ducks were stepping on them and killing them. Later in the evening we left for town to have dinner, I closed the door to where the ducks were housed I thought. It was an older farm house that had some settling issues and doors and jams were out of wack.

Came home a few hours later to discover a massacre of baby ducks in the house. So the only thing we could figure out was the female ferret attacked them all. None had bite wounds or blood on them. It was a few months later we let her go to a home that did not have any other ferrets or cats. I found her to be a little more aggressive than I was comfortable with.

About 14yrs later from the passing of our first ferret we now have a wonderful ferret named Zumie and he is a joy to have and loves my 14 and 11yr old boys. The more those boys rough house with him the happier he is.

We often find him in the cupboard enjoying his favorite cereal or licking jelly that has spilled on the shelf.



Jan 04, 2010 Zumie
by: Jackie

Your Zumie sounds like a sweetheart and I’m really glad that he enjoys playing with your kids.

Sorry to hear about your ducks tho. Maybe they died of shock when your ferret got into their cage? I know that you should keep ferrets and birds separated so maybe that’s why.

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