Ferret Greeting Cards –

Using Pictures of Your OWN Ferrets – Straight From Your Own Computer! REAL Cards in REAL Envelopes with REAL Stamps!

You know how it is…

It’s Christmas, or someone’s birthday. You wander off to the store and spend forever trying to pick the right card. (Or you pick the first card you find – shame on you!)


Do you know that you can take a cute photo of your favorite fuzzit, load the pic onto your computer, and make a proper greeting card out of it? Or your favorite grand-daughter came to stay and you took one of those “moment in time” pictures (like we just did, yesterday!). Or you’ve taken some holiday snaps – how about creating postcards INSTANTLY?

Anyhow, you can “send” it from your computer. But you don’t really have to post it at all! You just know, that in a few days, the beautiful card you designed will turn up in your friend’s mailbox.

NO, not email – delivered by the regular mailman!

Let me show you…

For instance, here’s an idea. It’s a rough picture of a card we sent to some ferret friends recently.


So, here’s the deal…

Send me your address and a picture of one of your fuzzits and I’ll make up a card and send it to you through the mail. Then you’ll see just how good it is!

Make sure it’s a high resolution picture (though not bigger than 1Mb please), and send it as an attachment to this email address, together with your correct physical address:

nona AT all-about-ferrets DOT com

So, go ahead and do it right now.


So in case you’re wondering, no I’m not going to send you junk mail! For one thing, I can’t afford it, especially from Australia!

Inside the card I’ll send you a URL to find out how to do this for yourself, but if you can’t wait, you can press the “Big Red Button” here – www.sendoutcards.com/philiplangley – and go for a test run! Yes it’s my husband’s site – he knows how this stuff works…

So have fun – you’ll enjoy it!

Remember, send your address and a fantastic fuzzit picture, and I’ll send you a card.


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