Ferret Math is Awesome

by Ben
(Indiana USA)

We started with 2 that were given to us by a couple that were moving and could not have them any more.

A few months later our friend gave us one that she found in a trash can. We had two of them go to ferret heaven one of old age and one by an accident. Daisy and Menacine. The names should tell you which one had the accident.

That left us with one Casper. Casper was a lone for about 8 months. Then one day the animal shelter called and asked if we would be interested in fostering a ferret. Of course we were excited.

So we now have Houdini. When we got Houdini his owner told us of another ferret that needed a loving home. Our new friend got us in contact with a gentleman that worked more than he was at home and had tried 3 other homes for his Mashe. When we went to pick Mashe up to bring her home my wife knew the owner. So now he knows she is safe with us. Now that made 3.

Our fourth ferret, only a kit, came from a neighbor that had no clue how crazy ferrets can make life. He was going to use a large fish tank as a cage. I could not let that happen!! I convinced him to let the little kit stay at my house in an extra cage that I have. The next day my son and I did some bartering with the neighbor to make the kit ours. Thus making the fourth and youngest we have ever had. His name is Dookie.

Now we have four extra personalities in our small home. Casper, Houdini, Mashe, and Dookie.

We love the crazy things that they do except the poop of course. Ferret math struck our house fast.

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Mar 19, 2009 The more the merrier!
by: Anonymous

Great to see your ferret family has expanded. I reckon it’s wonderful that you can give these ferrets a good and loving home. Well done.

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