Ferret Photographers

Anyone who’s ever taken their ferrets to any old photographer will know what a challenge it was for that poor person!

We did that with Mash and Fidget, as you can see from the following pictures





After about 2 hours of those two racing around and dancing off the props, the photographer had used about 10 rolls of film and taken perhaps 6 good shots! And yes, those were the days before digital photography

So, imagine my thrill at finding photographers who told me that they actually LOVE taking pictures of our weasels! I just had to add them to the links because these folk are gold, people! I envy those of you who are living near to where these artists are so that you can take your lovely babies there to get absolutely fabulous photos for posterity’s sake!


Houndstooth Studio



Dooking Ferret Imaging (Claire Martin)

West Sussex

Lindsay Dobson


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