by Tahjana Tavares
(Margate FL)

I’m Tahjana, aged 12, and i just got two new ferrets and boy am I excited to tell you just how different these ferrets are than the rest.

So every time i go to the pet store I see ferrets so nice clean soft looking and you know good acting. So then for the first time in my life I was in love with these wonderful animals; I also decided I wanted one!

I asked my mom and at first she was not happy because she did not think the same way about the ferrets, but later on she decided to let me have three!! to see how good I would take care of them; to see if I had enough responsibility.

She bought me the three and I named them Rascal, Rosco, and Fefe.

The first few weeks were good until Fefe started to feel a little ill. We did everything we could but I guess it was time. I loved him and I had to let him go.

A few weeks later my sister and I wanted to let Rosco and Rascal get some exercise outside. Rascal was crazy, running around acting as if he was being chased, but Rosco was so docile and just sat there on the grass. I took them in to rest and every day I take them out to get some fun outside.

I’m in love with them and I’ll never stop.

from Tahjana Tavares


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Oct 27, 2013 ferrets
by: Anonymous

You rock and I hope Rascal and Rosco love you forever. Take care. Bye!

Sep 28, 2013 Your ferrets
by: Anonymous

So sorry to hear that Fefe is no longer with you 🙁 however you sound like a wonderful ferret owner and I’m sure Rascal and Roscoe will have a very happy life with you!

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