Fireplace Problems

by Kitty
(Beaverton, OR)

I live in a one bedroom one bath apartment and I just got my ferret. I’ve done a lot of research before hand but research is nothing compared to actually owning one.

I haven’t had her for long and she has already gotten into everything! But now she’s found the fireplace and has to go in it every time she runs around. I’ve tried to clean out the inside because she goes in it and comes out filthy! I’ve told her no and picked her up but she just goes running back. I’ve also tried telling her no and putting her back in her cage if she goes in there, but the next time I let her out she is right back in it!!

I’m not sure what to do because it’s not safe for her to be running around in there… What do I do, help???


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Sep 21, 2013 Fireplace problem
by: Anonymous Kitty, can you get a friend to put some barriers up to stop your ferret from getting into the fireplace?

I think you need to do something NOW because if it gets to winter and you’ve got the fire on, it’d be awful if your ferret got caught up in that 🙁


The house we had before we had ferrets had a fireplace and I know I thanked God that our new place didn’t have one as the thought just sent me into total shivers 😉

Someone out there must know how to put guards up to keep your ferret out of the fireplace but I’m afraid I’m not that person.

Please join the forum and hopefully we can all work out a way to help you to keep your baby out of the fireplace 🙂


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