First Time Ferret Owner

by Sonia
(Kingsport,TN, USA)

My husband and I recently went into a pet store just to look at fish but….I saw three little weasel-like creatures – one was sleeping inside its hammock while the other fell asleep with its head in the food and the other was right at door of the cage looking right at me.

I then asked the clerk if I could hold it. When I picked her up it was Love at first sight. My husband looked at me, shook his head no and I said yes looked at the clerk and said “We’ll take it.” As we were getting everything together the clerk stated to me “Let me get a box”. I was like no…that is really rude to do to a living creature. She looked at me like I had two heads.

We got into the car with the two month old girl ferret sleeping in my hand (as she is right now while I am typing one handed lol), looked at her and said Sloopy. My husband said “What?” I said, “Sloopy is her name!” “Okay!”

We have had Sloopy for about two weeks, we have two children ages 6 and 9 and they love her, we love her, my husband is so attached to her.

When we bring her out, she goes into my hoodie pocket and sits in there. Way better then a cat or a fish. She is so silly,and lovable. She is teething though not hurting us, like she knows it’s our fingers or hand she is nibbling on. I know I am going to buy another soon enough.

WE Love Sloopy the Ferret!

Comments for First Time Ferret Owner

Nov 06, 2013 Re:WOW
by: Anonymous

Get a life and stop criticizing people you don’t know.

Jun 12, 2012 Wow
by: Anonymous

I would buy a book.. Not another.. You bought an animal without any education on their care – now THAT is rude to do to an animal!

Mar 08, 2010 Sloopy
by: Anonymous

You’re so lucky to have a ferret sit quietly in your hoodie. Wish mine would do that LOL. She’s such a live wire she never sits still. Yup, ferrets are the best pets ever!

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