first time ferret owner

by claire
(nsw central coast)

I have been a ferret owner for a total of 2 days now and before I got her, I hadn’t even seen one before.

Its such a surreal creature and thanks to this site, I’m well on my way to doing the right thing I hope. I thought they ate rabbit food — haha silly me! — but she loves chicken necks.

She only likes me and hisses and bites everyone else and she goes to the toilet in one corner of her cage but not the litter tray but I’m putting her on the tray as soon as she wakes up =) Hopefully everything goes well.

I was wondering if anyone could give me a few tips on what to do — do they chew power cords like rabbits??, should i get her a friend??, and how come they don’t like to just cuddle up and sleep with you?

I’m worried if I leave her alone in my room when I’m not there she’s either going to urinate everywhere or chew everything. What could I do to ??

PS I love this site — you are a lifesaver, great job. But so far so good I suppose!
my email is clairefroggy_AT_hotmail_DOT_com

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Apr 22, 2010 You’re in for a wonderful time
by: Anonymous

Hi – You’re going to love having a Ferret. I have 4 and each one is as different from the others as can be.

A few thoughts: If you can afford it another ferret is not a bad idea. They are very social and usually don’t like being by themselves and if you have to be gone for a good part of the day (working or school) they have each other for company. Make time to hang with your ferret. They need to be out of their cage for at least a couple of hours a day. Make sure to cover any holes or areas where they might get out or into a dangerous area, if in doubt close it up they can get into the smallest places. Not all ferrets are cuddlers – ours will follow us from room to room but don’t like being held all that much.

I have a friend with a ferret who would rather be held then not, so it just depends. Ours also do not chew on cords, others I know who have ferrets have to keep all cords either out of their way or covered with cord covers as they chew constantly. Just keep an eye out on your ferret and figure out his personality and likes and dislikes.

This web site is a gold mine of information and the blog area is great. Have fun!!!!!

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