First-day Worries

by Josephine M.
(Alma, US)

Hallo. I am a first time (first day –Eep!) Ferret owner.

So far I’ve already bathed her, housed her, and cleaned up my Marshy’s droppings. While bathing her, she deficated in the sink from being nervous … and I’ll be the first to admit how discouraging that was, but afterwards I held her bundled up in a towel to keep her warm and she put her sweet little eyes on me. And when she was wollering around trying to fall asleep, she looked so sweet.

Upon taking advantage of the first opportunity to get a picture of her, I. Fell. In. Love. My cat is constantly poking his nose into her cage bars to check her out, and I think this will work out really well. 🙂


Comments for First-day Worries

Oct 12, 2012 So glad you love your new family member 🙂
by: Anonymous
It really makes me happy to see new ferret owners who realize what it REALLY is like to have a ferret in the family 🙂

I know some people buy ferrets impulsively then find them hard work so dump them at a shelter or put them in Craigslist. Those people are the pits.

But to see how you love your new friend is fabulous and I say HIGH FIVE to someone else who’s owned by a ferret 🙂

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