by Kimberly Mulligan
(Erie pa, United States)

I was stroking my ferret, and a little flea appears in his coat.

Do You Have Any Flea Treatments For Ferrets?



Jan 11, 2015 Cheap flea treatment from vet
by: Anonymous

You can call around to different vets and find one that sells a single packet of flea treatment for kittens..it’s super gentle and worked great for my ferrets and was only 15$ and I even was able to split it between them both…good luck!

Dec 21, 2013 Natural remedy for fleas
by: Anonymous

Hi Kimberly

Not sure if this will work but here goes …


and there’s this I found for a member on the forum who wanted a natural remedy for mites …


I have used Revolution on my guys when I had a massive flea infestation in the house years ago and it worked like magic. We also had to flea-bomb the house but once that was done and everything vacuumed up, we haven’t seen a flea in the house since!

Hope that’s been of some help 🙂

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