floor heating duct grill

by fred jungwirth
(Red Lake, Ontario,Canada)

The floor duct cover(12×4)was broken and Snoopy (aka, Mr.Stinky) kept digging at it. I took it to the store with me to make sure I had the correct size. Had to order one. Got home, forgot to put damaged cover back on duct. Let Snoopy out of cage for one of his 1-3 hour galavants. He found the uncovered hole, jumped in as I saw his back end going in (finally, he thinks).

This is where I almost have a heart attack. 6″ duct drops 10″ runs to center of house to drop 6″ to main duct which runs to oil furnace(firebox).

I run down to basement. Wow,this was not meant to be taken apart(by me anyways), run upstairs, try calling Snoopy up, run back down, banging on ducting, which scared him out, and I ran up and covered the hole. Still felt like a heart attack. LMAO!

You should see the stuff under the dresser -favorite toy – turkey baster, oven mitt, face cloth, rubber toys, stolen cookies – not eaten, bar soap – not eaten 🙂



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Jun 19, 2010 ferret stash
by: Anonymous

I can imagine the heart attack you had with your Snoopy disappearing down that hole. glad you got him back. I love the stash you found. My guy loves rubber washing up gloves and he’ll do anything he can to steal them and hide them. LOL!

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