by Jacque
(Olean, NY, USA)

Fluffy (4 yr.)-BoBo(1 yr.)-Trouble Bubble(2 yr.)

Fluffy (4 yr.)-BoBo(1 yr.)-Trouble Bubble(2 yr.)

Fluffy was my first ferret, she was given to me (at the age of 3) by a girl at work who had two ferrets of her own. She said that Fluffy & Fluffy’s mate were given to her. Fluffy’s mate had died.

Well, to make a long story short, her two ferrets were bullying Fluffy so I took her. I then went out and bought Trouble Bubble, & then a year later I got BoBo, so Fluffy would have a mate.

Fluffy truned out to be the little mother & the three got along so well. I lost her to Insulinoma at the age of six. She was a joy & the love of my life. She was always so small compared to other ferrets. When I had to let her go, she & I just seem to sit there at the vet’s and stare at each other, & quite kind of love seem to pass through me. I held her to the end but the tears have never really stopped.

I also ended up taking the same girl’s other two ferrets off her hands when she said that she couldn’t care for them any more. They were Bandit (Bandie) & Zoie.

I have since lost Bandie, which I found just as hard as when I lost my Fluffy. But Zoie is the oldest of all — she is going on 7 years now. They are my kids.

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Apr 07, 2008 Sad
by: Karen
What a lovely story, and what a lovely person to give all the ferrets a home.
Good Luck

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