by Jacque
(Olean, Ny USA)

Sweet Fluffy

Sweet Fluffy

She was my First Baby. I got her from a girl at work who had two ferrets of her own & they were bullying poor Fluffy, so I took her. It was love at first sight.

She passed away on June 14, 2006. She lost her battle to insulinoma.

She was very small compared to all the other ferrets. She was a sweetie.

The day the vet told me “It’s time, Jacque”, I knew I’d lost a wonderful friend & love.

At the vet’s office I held her & she seem to know. I think she wanted to go, which broke my heart even more.

I know she’s at peace now & not suffering, But I miss her so.


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Jun 01, 2008 I’m Sorry.
by: Anonymous
I know how it feels to lose a pet dear to you, I lost a pet of my own a few months ago.

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