Found my guy on Craig’s List

by Kacee
(Mayetta, KS, USA)

For a rehoming fee of $50 (which included the cage, a litter pan, water bottle, quick & clean instant shampoo and some stink-b-gone stuff for the water), I brought Seymour home today.

He’s an absolute hoot. He’s a year old, neutered guy, and the lady I got him from was moving and couldn’t have pets at her new place.

My daughter loves him, my pomeranian thinks he’s now a horse (Seymour jumps onto his back), and Seymour himself thinks my daughter’s princess castle is his domain (all within a few hours).

Thanks for all the information on these guys, I’m putting this website into my bookmarked pages so I have a quick and easy reference for any questions I have.

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Jun 17, 2009 How do you get to craigslist?

by: Anonymous

I’m Brianna,
I put my own contrubution on here just now. You should look at it.I’m now a newcomer to the ferret world.

Anyway, I was wondering, how do you get to Craigslist? And where did you get your ferret? Please write me back on my contribution the answers to my questions and more.

Jun 12, 2009 Your ferret
by: Anonymous

Your little guy sounds like a real character 🙂

It’s great to hear stories about how ferrets get on with other animals and I’m looking forward to introducing my young puppy to my ferret when I get him. I wonder if the ferret will jump on his back – LOL!

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