Frigid Ferret

by Robert Richardson
(Fort Worth, Texas, USA)

My sister had a pair of ferrets. One was an albino. One day she was looking for something in the freezer. It is one of the upright type.

After getting the meat out to thaw for dinner she sat down to watch TV. She fell asleep for about an hour. She woke up with the other ferret chewing on her ear. She went to put it back in the cage and got to looking for the other one.

She remembered the last time she saw it was in the kitchen. The proverbial lightbulb flashed in her brain. Upon opening the freezer door she found a very sluggish but alive ferret. Her ferret that looked like a snowball almost became one!

P.S. It was not long after this she decided ferrets were too much for her nerves to handle and found a new home for them.


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Mar 07, 2011 Frigid Ferret
by: Anonymous

My goodness, how lucky was your sister’s ferret! I am so glad that this story has a happy ending as the alternative would be too horrible to think about!

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