Furniture danger

My oldest ferret, Lucy, has ECE. Because I don’t want my younger one, Shae, to suffer, I let her run around the bedroom while I give Lucy all her medications and force feeding and fluids and cuddles. Which takes an hour. She hates her meds. I put Lucy back in her cage and went to check on Shae, but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Suddenly, I heard a noise coming from beside the bed. Shae got her head stuck In between the bed and night stand. I have no idea how long she was stuck like that.

I quickly moved the nightstand and freed her. The back of her head and neck were bright red and swollen and raw. My poor baby.

I hope she doesn’t permanently lose the fur on her neck from this. She has the most beautiful bib. I know you should never leave a ferret, especially a kit, unattended, but while dealing with a sick ferret and needing to keep them in separate rooms, the only other option is they get no out-of-cage time.


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Apr 27, 2014 Shae
by: Anonymous

I hope Shae recovers fully from her ordeal. Poor little pumpkin 🙁

It’s truly amazing what ferrets can get up to – just really glad you got to Shae and freed her before any lasting damage was done!

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