by Traci
(Ballston Lake, NY)

Just recently my third ferret, Phoebe, discovered a love for hiding bottle caps. I have had ferrets in my home for the last 4 years with no accidents, and I have had Phoebe for almost 1 year.

I was getting ready for bed and decided to gather my little stinkies up from their regular sleeping hideouts and put them in their cage for the night.

I found Ralphie and Nunzio right away, but Phoebe was nowhere to be found.

After about a half hour of looking I finally found her.

It appears she somehow got one of her bottle caps stuck behind the computer desk. When she tried to get it she got her head stuck between the desk and the wall, and she was dead when I found her. It didn’t take very long, because about 5 minutes before I gathered them up she was in the bathroom, biting my feet while I was getting ready for bed.

I never thought this area was a danger to my ferrets. I measured the distance between the wall and the desk and it was only 1 inch. I am devastated and can’t believe this happened, but I want other ferret owners to know so they can try to prevent this from happening to their fuzzy little friends.

The female ferrets are smaller and it appears they can squeeze into smaller places than the larger male ferrets.

I will bury her with her bottle caps, and I hope my male ferrets don’t get too depressed. They were like the 3 stooges and did everything together.


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May 08, 2009 Phoebeby: Anonymous

That is such a sad story and I feel so bad for you. Don’t blame yourself, as it was something you couldn’t have predicted or thought would happen.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

We ferret owners have to be so vigilant about keeping our houses safe for our pets and it’s a terrible thing to find that things occasionally go wrong.

Phoebe will be waiting for you all at the Rainbow Bridge and it will be a great reunion.


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