by gemma
(kent, great Britain )

It’s the 5th week of having my first three boy ferrets after a year or reading up and doing my home work on them. I’ve kept rats and Dumbo rats before and wanted a ferret for ages.

I am absolutely loving them, so are my two kids 7 and 9. They’re fitting into a routine fine. When I get up, they’re allowed out of the cage for a morning run around in the front room and before the kids’ bedtime, they are out again.

I’m still working on the nipping but it’s mostly the dominant one that’s the worse. I would say if people have a wussy child like my 7 year old boy, it might be best to get them spending time with ferrets before getting one. But my boy overcame this by just wearing Wellies when they are out lol.

I’ve done well with them – two of the ferrets are in kitten collars, just because they are all white & it’s helped the kids tell them apart. Don’t let your kids pick names – it was a bad idea as their names are Icy, Snowy and Flake (as in snowflake), just because they are white lol.

My cat is getting used to them now. I’m letting her get used to them on her own terms. She’s fine when she goes to them but hisses when they go to her so she jumps out the way a lot.


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Aug 07, 2013 Icy, Snowy and Flake
by: Anonymous

Your 3 new boys sound gorgeous, Gemma, and I hope you have many happy years with them 🙂

Ferrets bring so much love and laughter into their owners’ lives … you’ll probably wonder what took you so long to get yours – LOL!!

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