george and mildred

by trev hull

Once upon a time we were ferret free until george and mildred moved in!!! From the onset we knew we were going to be grandparents and sure as eggs were eggs, George had Mildred for a few days without any contraception .. in sheer desperation George did a moonlight flit trying to get to Mildred who we had to move into a spare bedroom to give the poor girl a break!!!!

Now we were left with a very sad pregnant “teenager” who went on to become a single parent to ten kids … yes that’s correct …. 10 kids on her first go … We had to handfeed these kids every 2 hours from a week old as Mildred couldn’t cope due to being exhausted..

We sold her 8 sons and kept lola and runty who live with mother and are now approaching their first birthday and are in a desperate state of needing a boyfriend!!! As a TREAT …. they are going on holiday tomorrow to meet their potential boyfriends and are staying with them for a week ….. we will hopefully become great grandparents in due course …. keep you guys posted …… happy days ahead with a lot of hard work ahead of us but well worth it..

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Apr 26, 2011 Lucky!!
by: Lara

You are so lucky to have four ferrets! I hope to get one one day! 🙂

Apr 26, 2011 George & Mildred
by: Anonymous

George and Mildred certainly have kept you on your toes and I hope that everything goes well with them, as well as with Lola and Runty.

Looking forward to hearing if you’ve become great grandferents yet – LOL! 😀

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