Getting A Great Cage For Your Ferret

by Lee Dobbins

You’re planning on adopting a ferret and looking forward to having this energetic and inquisitive creature running around your house, but have you though about what kind of cage to get him?

You might be thinking that your ferret will be out and about, what does he need a cage for? The fact is that ferrets can get into a lot of trouble and it just isn’t safe to let your pet ferret run around your home unsupervised. When you are home and can rescue him from any sticky situation he might get into, it’s fine to let your pet out and he will certainly keep you entertained with his antics, but when you aren’t home the safest place for him is in his cage so you want to be sure to get him one that he will enjoy being in.

There’s many different size cages for ferrets and several that offer different amenities. First and foremost, you want to be sure that the cage you pick out for your ferret is safe. It should be made of metal with bars small enough so that he can’t squeeze out or get his head caught. It should also have solid floors, or a plastic liner that you can put down on the bottom. Make sure your pets cage is big enough for him to move around in. Ideally, you would want to get him one with different platforms and that is large enough to house enough toys so that he will not get bored when you are not home to entertain him. Make sure that there is enough room for a litter box, food and water dishes and a bed. The cage should be at least 2 feet square, but the bigger the better.

Don’t try to house your ferret in a glass aquarium – those work for hamsters but your ferret needs breathable space around him. Also make sure there are no sharp edges that he could get cut on. When it comes to food and water dishes, ferrets can make a mess so you might want to go with a water bottle or at least get a very heavy bowl that he cannot tip over.

If you really want to get your ferret a luxury cage, then there are plenty to choose from. You can get multi level cages with platforms and tubes that your ferret can scamper in and out of. You can even buy cages that start out as a basic 1 level cage and then buy add on levels when you feel like your pet needs more play space or as your ferret family grows.

You should have your cage selected and in place before you bring your ferret home. Try to buy the biggest and best quality cage you can. Plan for the future because ferrets are addicting and you might find yourself adopting a second little critter so you might want to have a cage big enough to accomodate both of them right from the start.

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