getting caught

by shan shan
(australia vic)


wadles and tricky not caught at the moment

Whenever I go out to feed my twins, Wadles and Tricky, I have to make sure that neither of them hav gotten stuck in their own blankets. They are always getting their nails caught in the threading of the blanket so I have to try and prevent it by using a old tough blanket and cutting their nails every week.

It doesn’t seem to happen to my albino one though; her nails are quite different and aren’t damaged like the twins are. They are runts of the litter and have slightly damaged paws and hind legs so extra care is needed in some things.

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Oct 01, 2010 Wadles and Tricky
by: Anonymous 

What a cute pair of ferrets. They look like they’re a lot of fun and I bet they brighten up your life 🙂

It can get tricky if a ferret gets its nail caught on something. I heard a weird banging on my bedroom door a while ago and when I went inside, I saw my little girl had caught her nail on my dressing gown and she was hanging by one paw. I’m glad it happened when I was home otherwise the poor thing would have had a very sore paw!

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