Got a few questions…

by Elle
(Colorado Springs, Colorado, US)

I’m 16 and I live with my parents and my twin sis. The two of us live in the basement w/ a jack and jill bath/bedroom set up and a large rec room. I am seriously considering getting a ferret for myself after reading all of this info 🙂 Just a few questions to run by everyone

1) my bedroom has a small closet (about 5′ x 5′) with a door. If I were to get a ferret I would probably put the cage and litter box in there b/c the closet has wood floors and the rest of my room doesn’t. I would just leave the closet door open 24/7. Sound like a good idea?

2) For bedding, I’ve read that newspaper and such can be put down inside and outside the cage, with old t-shirts and such inside too. I have a paper shredder that cuts the shreds into about 3″ x 2cm strips. Could I put these in the cage as litter and/or bedding??

3) Obviously I am still in high school. I have 6 fish which I keep in a tank on a table about 2 feet off the ground. When I am away at school with my sis, my parents are working and I would have to leave my ferret in my room by itself with the doors closed. Is that acceptable?? Also, would it be able to get into my fish tank? I really love those fish and don’t want to lose them 🙂

4) Speaking of fish, most of the food suggestions say to feed them chicken and beef and such, but is fish alright? Fish is super cheap where I live.

5) I have a queen sized bed. the frame Isn’t a standard frame. It sits flush against the floor and then it has wooden slats across the top of the frame and the mattress sits on the slats/upper edge of the frame. Would the ferret be able to get between the mattress and frame? And the mattress is a futon with canvas exterior. Would it be able to get into the mattress??

6) Also… with the carpet around doors and chewing on stuff and biting and that sort of thing. With our doberman we taught him not to do all of that stuff with a pinch of tabasco sauce (hot sauce). Would that be an acceptable alternative to the white pepper or green apple??

It would be great if anyone could help me out!! my email is gheinz57_AT_rocketmail_DOT_com if anyone has anymore tips 🙂

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Nov 13, 2009 Ferret Bedding
by: Anonymous

I would not use paper shredding because of the ink off the paper. If you are going to use paper shredding, I would use “CLEAN N COMFTY” FERRET BEDDING. No matter what type you use, you want to make sure it is biodegradable.

I personally do not use this stuff anymore because my ferret is now litter box trained and I use old t-shirts for the bedding. It helps me to watch for any accidents and he likes to climb in the shirts and snuggle.

If you want to use paper shredding, I would go to Office Max or Staples and buy the packing paper shredding for the bedding. It is safe and clean. I however use this type of bedding and put it in a banker box and let my ferret, Chinook use it for playtime. He pushes off the lid and climbs into it and digs around in it.

Hope this helps.

Nov 13, 2009 Question
by: “Shredder” Joe

Does it matter if you use a crosscut paper shredder or strip cut shredder? I always use a crosscut one for my paper shredding, for better security.

Nov 12, 2009 Read the comments in this forum
by: Anonymous

I would personally be concerned with the ferrets getting to the water more so then the fish by accidentially falling in the tank and drowning.

I would recommend looking at this forum. When it comes to ferrets, you can never have enough resources.

This is where I go for all my ferret questions first then I branch out.
Good luck

Nov 12, 2009 New ferret questions.
by: PatGarrettsBarrett

It all sounds pretty good, but keep in mind ferrets can get under doors if they aren’t tight to the floor.

Be real sure your dobermann does not get in the room! I’m not sure a ferret will eat fish, mine does not eat meat at all. Just a piece of catfood now and then.

They climb real good so keep the tank up high enough so he cannot get into it.

He will probably try to get into the mattress, be careful of sitting down on him. I think I would shut him up in his cage while you were not there and make it play time when you are there.

Good luck and enjoy your new buddy,

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