Hall of Fame


Here are some photos of various celebrities who visited Perth back in 1996 and held our ferrets!

Dr Harry

Dr Harry Cooper is well known on Aussie TV as everyone’s favorite vet and when he came over to Perth, we met him at an expo at the Claremont Showgrounds.

At the time he told me that there were beautiful blue (blue? — yes, he said blue but I’ve since discovered that they’re more of a bluish shade of grey — perhaps smokey would be a better description!) ferrets in Tasmania. Since then it’s been one of my ambitions to go over to Tassie and bring a “blue” ferret back home!

Dr Harry at Ferret Show

Dr Harry with me (holding Fidget) and my son, Nicolas, holding Mash.

Dr Harry and my ferrets

Holding both Fidget and Mash.

Dr Harry with Fidget





Kimberley Davis, an Aussie actress, with CJ

And the ex-Leader of the WA Opposition, Paul Omodei, holding Fidget when he was but a mere politician!




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