Halloween “GHOSTLY ” scariest moment of my life!

by S.Costa
(Pittsburgh, PA)

Halloween time was great… until i stored my outdoor decorations in my garage! I have 2 little ferrets and when you see 1 you likely see 2. This day was different… I could tell the 1 ferret was on a search for the other 1. No big deal I thought until moments later… STILL ONLY SEE 1 FERRET. Which at this point… I myself started searching.

I DO NOT CAGE MY FERRETS AND FOR 2 YEARS “NEVER” HAD A PROBLEM. My ferrets are treated as cats and are very lovable carpet sharks. I along with the 1 ferret started checking every hidey hole. Still NO SIGN of the other 1! I think…. maybe it got outside? I doubted it but still went outside on a desperate search at this point. It’s now been like what feels like hours…. I look to my ferret for answers! It was as if he understood me when I said…. Where is Lola?

He went down the steps and I followed… he went into the garage… I too… I am screaming my baby girl’s name and sure enough….. I hear a super faint scratch! I scream her name again…. another scratch but louder… then another and another …. now in a frantic scratch. I realize… the sound is coming from deep within my bagged and boxed up Halloween decorations in the back part of my garage.

I STARTED FLIPPING MY GARAGE I TELL YOU. IT’S BEEN AT LEAST 2 HOURS AND I WAS DESPERATE TO FIND LOLA! I could tell by her intense scratching sounds that she knew I was looking foe her and she was begging for help!

“I FOUND HER… SHE MUST HAVE BEEN SNIFFING THE FRESH NEW SMELLS ON THE RECENTLY OUTDOOR DECOR AND FELL INTO A PLASTIC 4 FT TALL PLASTIC GHOST. This decoration had a hole where a normal size 15 watt light bulb went. Well she found the hole and fell into it and had absolutely no way of getting out. She was completely wet and soiled with her own body waste and had released an odor equal to a skunk and mind you… it was comparable to a dead animal but I got her out and held her and comforted her until she calmed. Down.


I bathed her and held her for hours as my other ferret was eagerly standing by me the whole time desperate to greet his lost mate. Her paws were swollen and bleeding, skin must have burned off while she was trying to scratch her way out.

It took about 3 days before she could walk and I threw that damn “GHOST” out! I did not allow either ferret back into the garage for weeks until I ferret proofed my decorations. I ALMOST LOST HER TO MY STUPIDITY OF PLACING THE DECO UPSIDE DOWN FOR STORAGE PURPOSE.

Today… both ferrets are healthy and happy and give more love and affection to my entire family. So… please people…. be careful when rearranging storage areas. Your ferret will sure likely inspect the changes you’ve made!


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Apr 08, 2014 Cool name for your boy!
by: Anonymous

I think the name you picked for your boy is terrific! He sounds like a fabulous little guy and I hope he keeps being “on guard”, looking after his LoLa and his human family! LOL! 😀

Apr 04, 2014 A “GHOSTLY” RESPONSE!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the comment 🙂 That moment bonded LoLa and I – in a more trusted, loving feeling of understanding kind of way… so that’s what I reflect on when and if I ever have to talk about my “GHOSTLY NIGHT”. When i found this page… i just had to tell my story. Most people have these types of decorations for Halloween or Christmas, so I want people who have ferrets to be aware of what happened to me.

People who don’t see their cat for a while – “No Big Deal”, people who don’t see their ferret for a while its like comparable to a missing childs “AMBER ALERT” and the whole family is on hands and knees with flashlights, squeaky toys, shaking snack boxes and when the ferret appears from like out of nowhere…. they look at you like you’re “CRAZY” but they suck up hugs and kisses from everyone. Then a sigh of relief and all is good! 🙂 Oh … and yes i sure kissed my little guys face off for helping me. How intelligent was that! My little guy’s name is a little strange but it fits him well. It’s ONGARD – (on guard – drop the r) he’s always on guard!

Apr 03, 2014 So glad you found Lola!!
by: Anonymous

That really was a good news story, thank goodness, as it could have been a really sad one had you not persisted in looking for Lola!

We ferret owners really have to be paranoid about our babies, especially our free roam ones, and we must never be complacent because when we do, it means trouble!!

I can imagine how worried and stressed you were and as I said before, am SO GLAD that you found Lola and that she recovered from her ordeal. And how wonderful that her ferret buddy showed you the way to the garage! What a smart guy he is – I hope you gave him extra hugs too 😉

Thanks so much for sharing that story … it’s true, we can never be too careful when we have ferrets!

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