Head Trauma in Ferrets


Since ferrets are such tiny animals and tend to go under rugs or towels, there is a very real worry that if someone accidentally steps on them, or if your ferret is caught in a recliner or rolled on by a rocking chair, it could cause major head trauma.
Some of the symptoms of head trauma are:

Head tilt
Rigid limbs
Limp limbs
Unusual eye movement
Differences in pupil sizes
Bleeding from the nostril
Bleeding from the ear canal
Abnormal level of consciousness

If you suspect your ferret might have suffered trauma to its head, keep it warm, elevate its head and minimize pressure on its neck, head or back and get it to the vet immediately for a thorough examination.


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(Last updated November 2019)



DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this page is not meant to replace seeing a veterinarian if you think your ferret is ill. It’s only meant to supply general information on a particular illness which was obtained either from personal experience with my sick ferrets, or from books and/or the Internet.

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