Help! … Ferret nightmare

by Kristen

i bought a 10 week old baby kit yesterday from our local exotic pet store. He was cute as can be. He is from a company called Marshall. I think that’s it’s in New Jersey.

Anyway, he keeps biting and drew blood on me. I tried to pin him down like others have told me, don’t remember the term they called it, think it was scuffing or something, but he’s too fast and always bites my fingers and draws blood.

Then my vet told me to flick hi nose and say no. How long will this last?? He is in a Ferret Nation cage with lots of toys.

I try to take him out at least 2 hours a day but he has drawn blood on me. Any advice on how to stop the nipping?? Also what treats can I give him other then the Bandit treats, like as in people food. I heard boiled eggs?? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Jul 08, 2012 The clicker WILL help!
by: Anonymous

I’m newer with ferrets but they are very smart creatures. There’s a thing called a clicker – all it does is click but when he bites you click it then do what you normally do. He’ll learn right away.

ps the click helps because in their brain it marks what they did wrong 🙂

By the way i wrote “HELP..pleez” and if you could read it and comment it would be so helpful 🙂

Oct 06, 2011 my angels
by: kristen

How do i upload pics on here? I’m not too familiar with this site yet – just started using it. I’d be happy to post some pics!

The sable one, aka trouble – lol – his name is Herbie 🙂 We are from Nebraska and the Nebraska mascot is Herbie Husker, lol, so his name is Herbie Husker but sometimes when I walk into my living room to approach the cage, I say “where oh where is trouble?” and he always pops his head out of the hammock first! Lol! I think he knows I’m talking about him!

The new baby I got today is white with a streak down his back and he does not have red or black eyes, his eyes are gorgeous. I’ve never seen a ferret with his color eyes – it’s a cross between dark blue and emerald green! Its just to die for and he is kind of a chub rock. We named him Dallas, from the Dallas Cowboys, and the marking on his back reminds me of the Dallas Cowboys star – Lol!

So we have Dallas and Herbie! They’re great fun to watch right now 🙂

Oct 06, 2011 Help !! Ferret Nightmare
by: JLC

You’re more than welcome !! Sounds like you got every thing under control. I do think more then one is better, not just for your sweet angel, for you as well. They do learn fast & it’s always good to start out on the right track, which I think you have.

I’m sorry I have not checked out your profile here as yet, nonetheless want to thank you for serving your country.

Big hug & have to ask what are their names & what sex are they. Can’t wait to see picture when you can. Never get tired of seeing ferrets.

Oct 06, 2011 Herbie got a friend today 🙂
by: Kristen

I went back and got him a litter mate, same age. This one is white with a stripe down his back; he loves him! The new ferret seems a tad annoyed by him but I’m sure he’ll be okay. He isn’t being aggressive or anything!

I added a high back litter box in their cage. They haven’t used it yet, let’s hope they do 🙂

Oct 06, 2011 bitting baby ferrets
by: Anonymous

What I always did is tap their little noses and tell them “no bite”, and if that does not work I have worn cloves but tapping on their little noses always worked for me.

I also do not show fear and that I am scared of them when they bite. I handle them for hours and hours but sometimes they want down to play, my two little ones will bite me if i have shoes or socks on.

Oct 06, 2011 My little herbie husker lol
by: Kristen

Ok first I want to thank you, JC, for your response. Thank you for taking the time to help me with some advice. In the past 2 days I’ve had him last night was a breakthrough for us. He’s gotten to a point when I don’t have to hiss or flick, which I really didn’t do. I kind of thought that was mean when the vet told me to do that.

Anyways, when he goes to bite me now all I say very loudly is herbie NO BITE and he stops then he tries again and I say NOOoOoO and he walks away and continues to play. So I know it’s only been a few days since I’ve had him but I think he is learning fast.

What are your guys views on getting him a litter mate? I’m in the military so I work from 7-4 Mon- Fri. There was another one there he was snuggling up with; I was going to buy because they seemed to love each other but that one kept sneezing and had a runny nose and eye discharge like tears. I think it had a cold or something so the pet owner said they will have more Marshall ferrets in on Friday. Any advice on what to look for ?

Oct 06, 2011 Help !! Ferret Nightmare
by: JLC

One there’s nothing wrong with your little baby !! He sounds like a normal kit!!! Handling him is the only way he is going to learn to trust you & talking to him or her before reaching in to pick her up will get her/him use to your voice & their name.

I don’t believe in hitting a ferret on the nose, will only make him scared of you. Scruffing is the best & very easy, Don’t pin them down. Place them on the floor & gently grab the back of their neck like you would a kitten & slide them across the floor saying “no no no bite”, a few times a day as needed.

Always remember to talk to them in a tone of voice that they can relate to. The most important thing is to remain calm yourself – you are their mom & dad now. Try searching them on here. There’s lot of good articles on how to train & what to feed a ferret here on All-about-ferrets.

Good luck & hugs to your new baby. I have had many & at the present have 4 sweet angels. Looking forward to hearing more on your angel.

JC & Gang

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