HELP!!! pleez…

I’m getting a new ferret and NEED an insider’s opinion about how to give it the best life possible. I’ve got a bazillion questions SO PLEEZ ANSWER IF POSSIBLE!!!!!!

I’m an 12 yr old girl so my room can get messy… It’s pretty cramped because of A VERY SMALL ROOM, not my fault. I’ve got a bed, a dresser, 2 small FLIMSY-UNSTABLE-TABLES (will it work…?) and a tv on top of one of them. By the way the dresser’s wooden and very big. I’ve got carpet that’s pretty crappy and wouldn’t mind stains. But “mother dearest” would send me to my grave if she saw a CRUMB… I also live in Minnesota USA and am thinking about getting 2 ferrets from the nearest Petco. Again I NEED NEED NEED help on this and every other subject on ferrets.

Can a ferret can be litter box trained – PLEEZ TELL if they can and if they can be trained 2 do anything else pleez tell me.

My Questions …
-I’m saving about $500, will this be enough?
-What can they be trained to do?
-Can they go on walks?
-Do you cut their nails?
-Are they healthy animals?——————(most important question)
-Can they eat fruit, meat, dairy, cat food?
-How big should their cage be?
-How many times and how much do you feed them?
-How long do they live?
-How much are you supposed to play with them?
-Can they be left alone?
-Do they mate like crazy…
-How much space should I devote to them?
-Do they like other animals?(got a dog cat and 28 fish)
-Should they bathe? How often?

If you’ve read this I BEG YOU PLEEZ COMMENT!!!!!! if you do could you leave a list of supplies i need? tnx.


PS if I spell any thing wrong tell me and I’ll fix it.


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May 17, 2013 healthy ferrets
by: Anonymous

1) yes my ferret was 149.99 dollars
2) they can be trained to do many things here is a web site for you https://www.all-about-ferrets.come
3) yes it is very healthy for them but get them a ferret leash and harness
4) yes but I would have a vet do it
5) yes if you take care of them properly
6) very little fruit and meat and cat food will work
7) it depends on how many
8) I feed Buttercup twice a day and I give her enough to fill the bottom or her bowl
9) My old ones lived for 12 years but they usually live for 7 years
10) a lot! they love human attention but also love to sleep
11) it depends
12) no
13) they love to run around
14) some do
15) yes once every month

by: the writer

I found this sooooo useful I really do thank you for this comment, and do I need water dishes or those bottle things?? And do I need a set of dishes for each ferret? Thank you again for responding! 🙂

Jul 09, 2012 my experience 🙂
by: Catrin

My Questions …
-This should be enough for most costs however ensure that if any of them got seriously ill you have a system worked out so you can borrow money off you parents and then pay it back.
-Mine will come when they’re called if they feel like it but go too hyper for me to train much else to.
-They can go in walks but not in the same way as a dog, I kind of follow mine round a field and down the road.
-Yes, I just use normal nail clippers as the others ones got lost just shove some olive oil on your finger and they’ll lick it off whilst you clip them about once every few weeks depending on the ferret.
-In the six months I’ve had mine none have had any problems apart from needing to be spayed but they are young still…
-They dont eat fruit or dairy but will eat meat (they’re carnivores) I feed them premade ferret food but you can feed them a natural meat diet. Mine sometimes like an egg for a treat or some olive oil. Mine randomly love pasta. Cat or dog food can be fed short term and some people always feed them a high quality kitten food.
-How big their cage needs to be really depends on how much you hold them. Try going on ratty cage calculator but dividing the number of ferrets in the space by three.
-I free feed the ferrets so they have food all the time
-They apperently live for 6-10 years but I have no experience of this.
-Most people say a minimum of 2 hours but vary this so some times they have more. At least 30minutes of interaction cause otherwise they’ll fall asleep 🙂
-I leave them alone for the school day and they’re fine, once had to leave them for longer but they’re pretty good at sleeping.
-Mine have never tried to mate.
-THey won’t need that much space if they have a tall cage but let them play in the whole room.
-Mine tolerate our dog and the place they came from had a cat. I’d keep them away from the fish.-I never bathe mine it makes them smell more but they like playing in water.

Rough list:
-2 food bowls
-2 water bowls
-Blanket/ towel x2 (for bedding)
-Newspaper (mine are never litter trained)
-Toys!!! (plastic bags, soft toys, card board boxs, socks, tunnels, balls ect)
-Water bottles x2
-Ferret food
-Olive oil
-Nail clippers
-Bottle brust/Brush
-Baby wipes to clean cage
(probably forgot some stuff…)

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